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How To grow wasabi - a garden nerd's challenge

How to Grow Wasabi – A Garden Nerd’s Challenge

Wasabi, and the idea of growing it, brings back memories of my long deceased grandmother. She was a lifelong Montana rancher who passed in 1998—right about the same time that I discovered that pungent green paste called wasabi. My grandmother was an original horseradish hobbyist. I have many memories of overheard conversations where she discussed her plants and her tribulations. The goal was always towards growing ever more potent varieties. I never got to tell her about wonders of wasabi. I’ve always wondered if she already knew of it— and if this difficult to grow plant was, perhaps, her gardening ...

Stop Allergies! How to Plant Pretty Protective Hedges

If you have allergy offending trees or shrubs in your neighborhood (probably because of a very common case of botanical sexism), one of the best things you can do to protect yourself from the pollen is to plant a tall dense hedge.  If placed on the windward side of your property it will reduce your exposure by filtering and blocking pollen particles. That said, many common hedges are problematic for allergy sufferers. Privet, male yew, male juniper, male willow, mountain laurel, and any type of cypress, olive and arborvitae are all poor choices as they tend to be quite allergenic. ...




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