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How to be your own garden designer - think like a curator

How to Be Your Own Garden Designer: Think Like A Curator

Designing for yourself is hard - no matter what the project. It is especially hard for people (like me) who love all sorts of design styles and who can appreciate a huge variety of wildly different ideas. Landscape design is a vast field.  There are millions of plants and permutations to put them together.  The architectural options of outdoor design aren't limited by walls and a roof.  And most insanely, it doesn't sit still - you put it together and then it takes off and grows and changes all on its own. It can be utterly overwhelming. Your planting zone ...
How To grow wasabi - a garden nerd's challenge

How to Grow Wasabi – A Garden Nerd’s Challenge

Wasabi, and the idea of growing it, brings back memories of my long deceased grandmother. She was a lifelong Montana rancher who passed in 1998—right about the same time that I discovered that pungent green paste called wasabi. My grandmother was an original horseradish hobbyist. I have many memories of overheard conversations where she discussed her plants and her tribulations. The goal was always towards growing ever more potent varieties. I never got to tell her about wonders of wasabi. I’ve always wondered if she already knew of it— and if this difficult to grow plant was, perhaps, her gardening ...




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