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An Insider Tour of A Spectacular Garden In Florence, Italy (Villa La Pietra)

An Insider Tour of A Spectacular Garden In Florence

Would you like to take a private tour of a Baroque Italian Garden?  I was lucky enough to secure a tour of Villa La Pietra in Florence, Italy this last summer. It was a breathtaking break from the hoards of tourists that throng Florence (and most of Italy) in July and August.  Any garden lover should try to arrange a date for their own visit if they are nearby. Villa La Pietra is owned by New York University and if you want to visit you will have to coordinate with NYU staff.  The property - which includes five villas and ...
How to be your own garden designer - think like a curator

How to Be Your Own Garden Designer: Think Like A Curator

Designing for yourself is hard - no matter what the project. It is especially hard for people (like me) who love all sorts of design styles and who can appreciate a huge variety of wildly different ideas. Landscape design is a vast field.  There are millions of plants and permutations to put them together.  The architectural options of outdoor design aren't limited by walls and a roof.  And most insanely, it doesn't sit still - you put it together and then it takes off and grows and changes all on its own. It can be utterly overwhelming. Your planting zone ...




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