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A visit to the Garden in the Woods - columbine

A Visit to The Garden In the woods

Dear Friends, Would you like to take a tour of the New England Wild Flower Society’s Garden In The Woods with me? I visited last ...
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How to Plant a Tree So That it Doesn't Die

How to Plant a Tree So That it Doesn’t Die

Whose fitbit steps have multiplied in these last few weeks?  I absolutely love watching the fitness numbers tick up as I bustle around the garden, ...
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Save the Bees! - A Bit of Bee Humor from a very funny Beekeeper (illustration by Abbey Lossing)

Save the Bees! Bee Humor From a First-Time Beekeeper

"Bees?" "Bees." "...BEES?" "Yes, bees." "You seriously want to get bees?" asks Chris, standing in our kitchen staring at me as if I’d just declared ...
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Fifty ways to avoide redying your garden for sping - by charlotte Mendelson Illustration by Cari Vander Yacht

Charlotte Mendelson is My New Favorite Garden Writer

I have a relatively short list of garden writers that I actually really like to read. There is Michael Pollan, Amy Stewart, Tim Richardson and ...
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Sunbeam Jackie Vintage fabric garden Parasols

Found! Pretty Parasols for the Bohemian Garden

It is the first warm(ish) weekend of spring and there is no more snow predicted (whoot!). By Sunday evening I'm hoping to tuck into a ...
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Great alternatives for beloved plants that are just too big

They Are Too Big! 4 Great Alternatives for Beloved Plants that Don’t Fit

How on earth did that small arborvitae I planted in front of the house get so huge? It happens all the time. Either a previous ...
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Birds flying at John Brookes Denmans garden by Lenora ellie Enking by cc_

A Look at John Brookes’ Denmans Garden

I thought I would share some images of a garden called Denmans which was the home of famed British garden designer John Brookes.  Brookes passed ...
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The books you need to be a successful garden maker

The Books You Need to be a Successful Garden Maker

Years ago I wrote a post about the 8 books every garden creator should own.  I've revisited it a few times since and found little ...
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Announcing Planting Design Boot Camp taought by Rochelle Greayer (Garden Designer and creator of PITH + VIGOR)

Plant Design Boot Camp

Doors To Planting Design Boot Camp Close In: Create Beautiful Planting Schemes & a Stunning Garden Without Wasting Your Time & Money on the Wrong ...
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Raquel Rodrigo’s Urban Garden Cross-Stitching

I gave up cross stitching after some serious burnout from making a pillow for a sorority sister back in college. But with colorful cording and ...
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garden design studio of/ by fernando caruncho

Fernando Caruncho Deserved It

The Society Garden Designers help their annual awards ceremony on Friday night and as I checked out all the winners in earnest - I was ...
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Trevor Dean Whatley landscape typography

Trevor Dean Whatley’s Cool Landscape Typography

I've got a backlog of open tabs (again) - all things I think are worth sharing with you - but that I haven't had time ...
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New Troybilt Snowblower - Putting the Fun Back In Winter

New Snowblower – Putting the Fun Back In Winter

How do you really feel about Winter? Yeah - Tell me about it. I'm a snowboarding, cozy nights, fireplace-loving, warm drinks kind of girl, but ...
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The language of flowers - saying what you really mean - with flowers (click through for more msgs)

The Language of Flowers: Combinations to Say What You Really Mean

Have you ever read The Language of Flowers?  It is a sweet novel that will appeal to anyone who has ideas about living a charming ...
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January Gardening - Take the 2018 P+V Reader Survey

The 2018 PITH + VIGOR Reader Survey

I am in planning mode.  I'm putting together all the pieces of the first ever P+V class and I am making plans for the rest ...
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Learn how to design your own garden with Author/ Award winning landscape designer Rochelle Greayer - Feb 1st - Feb 18th 2018. Sign up Now!

Announcing the Garden Design Bootcamp

I am so excited (and nervous, but nervous excited...) to announce PITH + VIGOR's first educational offering. In just about 3 weeks, (Feb 1, 2018) ...
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The best places to buy organic and open pollinated seeds for just about anything you want to grow in your garden

The Best Sources for Open Pollinated Seeds

Do you find the terms associated with seeds a little confusing?  What do open pollinated, hybrid, heirloom and organic mean and why do you care? ...
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How To Make Matt's Homegrown Provençale Citrus Marmalade 

How To Make Matt’s Homegrown Provençale Citrus Marmalade 

Do you have an abundance of wacky citrus fruit and it is the middle of winter?  That probably means you followed Matt's advice from growing ...
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How to Grow Yuzu and Other citrus in the north

How to: Growing Yuzu & Other Citrus in the North

Alternative title:  How to Have an Orangerie Even if You Aren't a Member of a Royal Family Alternative Title #2 : Juicy Fruits - The ...
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How to make a mandala wreath from your garden

How to Make a Mandala Wreath from Your Garden

As I write this, it is undoubtedly wreath season (mid-December) - but I've always thought that beautiful decoration made from the gatherings of nature and ...
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How to use Frost in Garden Design

How to Plan for Beautiful Frost in Your Garden Design

Have you ever heard that bit about there being lots of Eskimo words for snow?  Where Eskimos, because they deal with snow so much, supposedly have ...
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How to make the perfect seasonal cocktail for winter solstice

How to Make the Perfect Seasonal Cocktail for Winter Solstice

Do you do anything special to mark the winter solstice as a holiday or special day? It isn't one of my main holidays - or ...
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mirrored stainles steele obelisk by David Harbor Sundials seen in Pettifers Garden in Oxfordshire by clive nichols

How to Use Mirrors in the Garden To Improve Your Design

Have you thought about using mirrors in your garden?  This unexpected piece of home décor lends itself so well to an outdoor environment. In the ...
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A Fresh New Garden for Sarah’s Desert A-frame

As the winter darkness continues to creep in and the days get painfully short here in Boston, I crave the light of southern climates.  Sarah ...
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mini rosemary wreath garland DIY

DIY Mini Rosemary Wreath Garlands

Charming, simple, and smelling perfectly delicious - I thought you might love this idea as much as I do. The DIY tutorial for this mini ...
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