PITH + VIGOR is about digging deeper into gardening and all the people and places and things that make it fascinating.  It is about bringing together communities and building something big and interesting, and important.

We aim to tell stories that go way beyond the how-to and instead instill and inspire a romance and charm and cultural identity back into the practice of working the land –we beleive it is something that we all kind of yearn for.

Our mission:

…celebrate native plants and regional landscapes.
…talk with real gardeners; share their stories and their been-there-done-that insights.
…inspire planting design.  Encourage bio-diversity by featuring interesting and lesser known plants.
…celebrate local garden artisans and designers and help them find an audience.
…teach how to create gardens of varying sorts.
…connect readers with growers, makers, builders and each other.
…discuss trends, current events, and issues of the day (that relate to gardeners).
…to challenge, entertain and re-imagine garden writing.

We print on newspaper because of its ephemeral qualities.  When the reading is done, it is easily recycled, and transformed into something new.