I have long adored the work of Serge Bottagisio and Agnes Decoux but didn’t actually know who the artists were. A few years back, Cleve West made a garden for the Chelsea flower show that featured their work. (when I find a great picture of that garden I will post). It is one of the my all time favorite and most memorable gardens. Their pieces are large, textural balls, stone shapes, columns, funnels, bowls and boxes that can be used as sculpture, planters, or water features. Their website doesn’t have any words to explain their process, but the concrete shapes seem to axe carved…interesting…and utterly beautiful.

serge bottagisio and agnes decoux garden sculpture les botta breton

One Response to Les Botta Garden Sculpture by Artists Serge Bottagisio and Agnes Decoux

  1. Amazing work. I thought grinding metal all day was hard work, but hand-axing stone? I appears that each ax mark is carefully arranged giving the surface of the stone a cross hatch-like texture.

    The bottom image shows stone as soft looking as a pillow or cushion.

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