Antler Benches

rick owens antler bench
When I was little and first learning to match colors in my clothes, I remember my mother telling me many times that I should think about nature when trying to figure if one thing goes with another.  By her logic, everything looks good with green, because any colored flower looks great next to a pretty green lawn of grass.   While I am not sure this is completely flawless fashion logic, the lesson of looking to nature for inspiration and trusting that if it works outside naturally, then is will also work in a more contrived way, has stuck with me. When I think about decoration for outdoor spaces, I love things made with naturally found objects and I am especially inspired by design that uses ...
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Oh…wow…Philippe I want you

I want that bad...I don't care that it costs about 10,000 USD...I still want it. ''Ceci n'est pas une brouette'' means ''this is not a wheelbarrow'' in French, and it's not, it's an armchair designed by Philippe Starck for XO.  Available from Made in Design. .  
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Inspired by Farlam & Chandler’s Pretty & Practical Garden Details

Practical plant supports at Perch Hill garden. image by @farlamandchandler
As we head into the final days of this year, I have a few new goals in mind.  The shorter days (where things start to get quiet) help me to recommit to writing and other creative projects. You know, things that can be done from the cozy chair in front of the wood stove (where I sit right now) while I typically have a blanket wrapped around my feet (it is not quite that cold yet). I am excited to get back to a regular schedule of finding and sharing new inspiration online. Farlam and Chandler caught my eye months ago and I’ve since been enjoying their beautiful projects and photography.  They are a great instagram to follow for planting inspiration as well as for ...
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A Record of Good Garden Plants in October

October plants for cutting in the garden
How do you keep track of things in your garden? With the exception of the odd instagram post, I’m pretty much a failure at documenting mine.  I romanticize early botanists and how they gathered scientific observations into tea stained art projects.  I’m pretty sure their pressed flowers, little charts and graphs and hand drawn sketches are the original inspiration for stay-at-home-mom scrapbooking pyramid schemes. I’d like to be better. I know some level of record-keeping would be useful and might actually make me a better gardener.  So, in casting about for a system that I will realistically maintain, I asked myself, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t develop a healthy over-reliance on flat lay photography?  I mean, I’ve hardly used the ...
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Why I Landscape – A Happy Career Story

Why I landscape - a happy career story. Ginko by Travis Cox - The Garden Scout
As part of an awareness campaign with the National Association of Landscape Professionals, I’m sharing my ”Why I Landscape” story. I hope it encourages you if you are thinking about a career change or trying to figure out what you want to do with your life. I don’t know many people who have come to landscape design in a linear path. I certainly didn’t. Of course, there are some wise young people who are inclined to study botany or horticulture or one of the related design practices in college, but that isn’t my story. I am one of the many people who seem to find landscape related jobs as an antidote to another era in the their working lives. When I was a kid I ...
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Inspired by jardinsurlaseine’s garden of textures in Paris

Muhlenbeckia and boxwood and grass by jardinsurlasiene garden inspiration
There is that moment with a single picture on instagram, where suddenly you must go find the account of the person who posted.  As it loads, you hope that every other picture is as good as that first one that caught your eye.  And the joy, when you’ve stumbled on a real treasure. The boxwood and the muhlenbeckia (two of of my favorites) were dancing with he wispy grass (not sure the var) and the purple drumsticks (again, I’d love to know the actual plant name) and with fingers crossed, I hoped to find more. Jardin Sur La Seine’s instagram is an homage to contemporary garden design and specifically one inspiring urban garden in Paris.  Follow it to enjoy a chic garden of grasses, floppy white ...
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Garden Inspiration From a Fresh New Merimekko Dress

A round up of garden design ideas inspired by a merimekko summer dres
I am so happy to play around with design in a way that I haven’t in a long long time. Years ago, I had a regular feature here that was really just a good excuse for me to play with combining garden products, plants and ideas. Inspired by fashion illustration, I pulled together garden design ideas and elements that captured the spirit of the woman in the drawing. (You can see some of the old ones here) I miss this creative exercise and I recently realized that many of you do too. Aside from my old practice of regularly posting before and after garden projects, this is one of the things that readers often mention and recall fondly from my old studio ‘g’ blog.   ...
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How to Collage Leaves into Attractive Decor

an artsy craft - leaf stained glass
  My garden has temporarily faded into the rather boring doldrums of summer.  Spring came late and really dragged its feet, but its profusion of blooms seemed to evaporate at a normal rapid pace.  I am waiting for the heat of summer to hit, as I patiently wait for the daylilies to erupt and make the garden a whole lot more exciting (next week). There is however an abundance of leaves. Since creating a full and colorful bouquet right at the moment is a little tricky, I am wondering if maybe some beautiful stained glass leaf panels might be a pretty - if temporary - way to bring in a little greenery from the garden.  I am a sucker for collage of all sorts, so ...
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Get Colorful Inspiration from North Brooklyn Farms and Tom Fruin

Fruin Farmhouse at North Brooklyn Farms by Matthew Pugliese
Bright colorful glass houses are an exciting urban and artistic twist on an old garden standard.  The familiarly known Fruin Farmhouse - also called Kolonihavehus was made by artist Tom Fruin who has also created cool colored glass installations all over Brooklyn, New York (I particularly like this water tower). Set in North Brooklyn Farms  it is part of an urban garden that also features a vegetable garden, farm stand and event space that overlooks the NYC skyline.  I'm eager to check it out - if for no other reason than to have some fun snapping my own images of this pretty building with the bridge and the city in the background.  North Brooklyn Farms is right next to Domino Park (named for the Domino Sugar Refinery that once held this spot) ...
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My Chicken Coop Garden Makeover + A Clever Edger How-to

Chicken Coop garden makeover window box
I'm still marveling at my super woman powers.  Last weekend I took on an epic challenge - I had three graduation parties to attend, single parent responsibilities (due to my husband's business trip), and a chicken coop garden to singlehandedly makeover.  And when I say makeover, I mean inside and out, plants, trees, grass flowers, painting, siding repairs - all of it. Four days later, I am still bone tired. But I seem to gather energy every-time I walk outside and enjoy the pretty and organized new view.  I think I need to just go roll around in the new garden to soak up enough fuel to get me through this weekend (2 more parties, fathers day and houseguests - I seriously need a weekend ...
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