FlowerBox Garden Buildings

Mac Carbonell's Flowerbox building in NYC
Mac Carbonell created The Flowerbox Building on the lower east side of NYC in 2007. It is a remarkable inspiration particularly for any building that could use a little push when it comes to creating landmark status. Study this building and imagine it without the plants – nice windows, but fairly unremarkable architecture (as urban buildings go) but with the planters and plants it is simply show stopping. Hospitality properties, particularly urban ones and particularly those that occupy existing architecture can struggle to differentiate their building among all others and something like this can truly be do-able. I thought I would post today not only these inspirational pictures but a few products that could be used to create the look. Smith and Hawken offered these ...
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Inspired By: A Beautiful Bamboo Plant Container

aluminum bamboo planter from inner gardens
It is so rare that garden containers make me take the little gasp of air that implies my immediate recognition of something special. Inner Gardens has a beautiful collection of antiques and a visit to their website is always inspiring but when I saw this planter I immediately imagined the glamorous space that would surround it. Take a look at the inspiration boards that we came up with. Boudoir Pink Garden -- I imagine a Girlie Spa - beach side...with my friends....sipping bellinis Or another idea...a sleek sophisticated black and silver garden restaurant....beach side....with my friends.... sipping bellinis .....I think I need a vacation....
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London’s Mandarin Oriental Extends Hyde Park into Hotel

mandarin oriental hyde park terrace garden
The Mandarin Oriental in London recently opened the ‘Park Terrace’ offering open air dining in a chic English garden setting. By all accounts it is well received in an ongoing trend to reinforce a sense of place and help guests connect with it. The hotel says it has worked closely with the Royal Parks’ landscape gardeners to ensure the design of the restaurant is in keeping with its Hyde Park surroundings. The area adjacent to the property is currently undergoing major development to add 80 luxury residences, complete with leisure facilities, a swimming pool and underground parking. The project is being developed by Candy & Candy, and will be serviced and branded by Mandarin Oriental. Does anyone know who is doing this landscape work?
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Landscape Design Ideas & Plants for Color Trends 2008 – Brown Exudes Luxury

Trend #6 -Brown exudes luxury Brown as a feature in the landscape? Doesn’t that have a negative connotation (dead leaves, brown field, bare dirt)?  No! I love that this is a trend, because it allows me to celebrate one of my all time favorite plants. ….Carex ‘Comans Bronze’… Yes I have planted it for clients and they have inquired about it’s health but in the end it’s endless sophistication brings style to any space. Resin Containers let you go big without too much extra cost. The Madison Container in Old Bronze is a beautiful shade of brown that sets off almost any plant and you can get it in sizes up to 48”. Start channeling your inner Ian Schrager. Planters for a residential client of ...
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Landscape Design Ideas & Plants for Color Trends 2008 – Green in all Variations

2008 garden design color trends - green in all variations
Trend # 5 - Green in all variations Green, of course green, it is the word of the moment; it exudes an air of health, beauty and serenity. I love this picture of a green garden posted by Rudy Garon at his website Antigua daily photo I grew up in Colorado, but spent summers at my grandparents ranch in central Montana. In my eyes, my grandmother was the last of a kind; a real life frontier woman. She also was a tremendous gardener and when I would get bored during visits she would say things like “do me a favor, go down to the creek”(we pronounce it crick) “and figure out how many different shades of green are there” --a very serious task. This picture ...
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Landscape Design Ideas & Plants for Color Trends 2008

grey and shiny - color trend 2008 - chrysocephalum apiculatum
Zara inspired me to take a look around and see what we could offer in the spirit of the 2008 color trends. Here are some ideas for color trends in 2008. Trend # 1 - Pinks - Especially yellow pinks and raspberry pink.   Plants with the right colors tones.  Astilbe taquetii 'Superba' and Kalmia latifolia ‘Raspberry Glow’ Acamp is offering these chairs in a rainbow of colors, but here in our Yellow-pink. - I am not sure what dahlia this is? Does anyone know? But what a gorgeous shade of yellow- pink! Trend # 2 - Whites with a luminescence or shimmer I thought that this trend might be tricky, but take a look at these. Aglaonema ‘White Lance’ For indoor gardens or interiorscaping look at shimmer on ...
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Attending HD Expo 2008 – My Thoughts

A recap of HD Expo 2008
There were quite a few events over the 2 days that I attended. These are my thoughts about each. Town Hall Meeting Looking back (and writing this after the fact) – this was easily one the best events for my purposes to attend and the best part is that it was free! If you are attending HD Expo and they continue to do this event (organizers please take note--- you should continue to do this event), do not miss this event. The list of people in key positions who attended this one meeting was astounding and you get the opportunity to ask them whatever you want in an intimate setting. Our table only had 5 people, so as the VIP’s rotated through the tables, the ...
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After nearly two years of thinking about it and saying we should do it, we have done it…..joined the blogoshere. Here we are. What are we, Greayer Design Associates, doing here? I am not entirely sure, as with most things I jump in first and figure it out as we go along. I have a plan, but I know better than to think we are going to follow it. We are taking another giant seeming step for this company. Making a new way to meet and greet people who are interested in the same things that we are. Sharing what we know to make our business better and our world better. Hoping we can inspire, we launch this venture with the same wide eyed optimistic ...
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