Fernando Caruncho Deserved It

garden design studio of/ by fernando caruncho
The Society Garden Designers help their annual awards ceremony on Friday night and as I checked out all the winners in earnest - I was most pleased to learn that Fernando Caruncho was given the lifetime achievement award. His work has been an inspiration for me for many years.  As I am wrapping up the first run of Garden Design Bootcamp, I thought this video that was produced in honor of the event and award was such a great inspiration for anyone who is thinking about designing (or re-designing) their landscape. The pictures of his own garden design studio are infinitely inspiring to me. I dream of working in such a place.  If you want to see more - check out this article in Arch. ...
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Trevor Dean Whatley’s Cool Landscape Typography

Trevor Dean Whatley landscape typography
I've got a backlog of open tabs (again) - all things I think are worth sharing with you - but that I haven't had time to write a whole cohesive post about.  My computer is getting sluggish because of it, so I need to shut those tabs down! I'm going to fire off a few short posts just to clear out the backlog - starting with Trevor Dean Whatley's cool landscape typography (which I am in love with). Pictures of unexpected typography in landscapes makes me happy.  It also reminds me of beloved artists like Any Goldsworthy.  There is something about finding wildly incongruous visual statements in a natural setting that really captures my eye.  Does it do the same for you? However, it makes me ...
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New Snowblower – Putting the Fun Back In Winter

New Troybilt Snowblower - Putting the Fun Back In Winter
How do you really feel about Winter? Yeah - Tell me about it. I'm a snowboarding, cozy nights, fireplace-loving, warm drinks kind of girl, but I'll be honest, the realities of the last 13 years in New England have put a damper on my winter loving ways. Back home (in Colorado) the snow comes and then it goes (over 300 days of sunshine, after all) - and then it comes again and it looks all pretty (again) and then it melts away. But here (outside of Boston) - it tends to stay, and it turns brown and gross. And the plowman that we have to hire due to the 100 yard-long driveway with the 5% grade at the end, just keeps pushing things around and ...
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The Language of Flowers: Combinations to Say What You Really Mean

The language of flowers - saying what you really mean - with flowers (click through for more msgs)
Have you ever read The Language of Flowers?  It is a sweet novel that will appeal to anyone who has ideas about living a charming life as a florist but who also loves a good story. I recommend it. As valentines day approaches, and in the spirit of the book, I think it is fun to think of messages that can be sent with flowers.  Maybe not traditional messages, but ones with a bit more nuance.  Sending messages through flowers was a trend among Victorians but ever the rebel, I tend to feel inclined towards more modern messages.  Something that would make your average priggish late-1800's lady flush. Here are some of my ideas... do you have any combos of your own? 4 Floral Combinations ...
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The 2018 PITH + VIGOR Reader Survey

January Gardening - Take the 2018 P+V Reader Survey
I am in planning mode.  I'm putting together all the pieces of the first ever P+V class and I am making plans for the rest of the year as well.  I've got lots of things on my mind and I have some questions for you. I haven't done a Reader Survey in a few years and I'd like to see if I am still on the right track. Could you take about 5 minutes to let me know your thoughts? I'll share the results in a couple of weeks when I have compiled the results.  Thanks!! TAKE THE 2018 P+V READER SURVEY 
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Announcing the Garden Design Bootcamp

Learn how to design your own garden with Author/ Award winning landscape designer Rochelle Greayer - Feb 1st - Feb 18th 2018. Sign up Now!
I am so excited (and nervous, but nervous excited...) to announce PITH + VIGOR's first educational offering. In just about 3 weeks, (Feb 1, 2018) I am kicking off a two-week course to teach you the basics of garden design. Participants will learn how to create a master plan and concept for their own garden. Do you look out your windows and wish for something more magical and more inviting? Do you want to spend more time outside eating, drinking and relaxing in your own personal haven? Do you have no idea where to start when creating this? If you answered yes, well, then this course is for you. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN IN THIS CLASS? Week 1 - Understanding the site and creating a ...
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The Best Sources for Open Pollinated Seeds

The best places to buy organic and open pollinated seeds for just about anything you want to grow in your garden
Do you find the terms associated with seeds a little confusing?  What do open pollinated, hybrid, heirloom and organic mean and why do you care? First let me start by saying that there is absolutely nothing wrong with any seed choice you make. But you might find you have a few preferences if you understand what these terms mean. Open-pollinated means that the seeds were pollinated naturally.  Insects, wind, birds, and even human hands can all help to pollinate plants naturally. So long as pollination occurs between plants of the same variety, the seeds that result from open pollinated plants will produce offspring that is like the parent (i.e. the plant remains true-to-type). Open pollination allows for genetic diversity because of natural mutations, adaptation and natural selection ...
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How To Make Matt’s Homegrown Provençale Citrus Marmalade 

How To Make Matt's Homegrown Provençale Citrus Marmalade 
Do you have an abundance of wacky citrus fruit and it is the middle of winter?  That probably means you followed Matt's advice from growing citrus indoors... or mine from my own experiences - and now, you need something wonderful to do with all that beautiful fresh fruit.  Do this, Homegrown Provençale Citrus Marmalade, you won't regret it. This is a long three-day recipe, but don’t let it discourage you. Two days to soak the rind, and only a couple of hours in front of a hot stove on the third day to cook it. Start on a Friday, and you can jar it up on a Snowy Sunday afternoon! You will need: 1 copper confiture pot (A luxury, but once you use one, you will ...
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How to: Growing Yuzu & Other Citrus in the North

How to Grow Yuzu and Other citrus in the north
Alternative title:  How to Have an Orangerie Even if You Aren't a Member of a Royal Family Alternative Title #2 : Juicy Fruits - The Taste is Gonna Move Ya Few indoor plants can combine so much value within a single pot as citrus trees. There are the obvious benefits – a lovely, small tree, often bedecked with colorful fruit which, to be honest, is so pretty that one feels a little guilty picking even a single orb that took half a year to ripen. But don’t be too enthralled with the citrus tree’s beauty, you will be denying yourself one of the greatest pleasures for the palate and soul because freshly picked citrus tastes nothing like the supermarket fruit. If you don’t believe me, ...
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How to Make a Mandala Wreath from Your Garden

How to make a mandala wreath from your garden
As I write this, it is undoubtedly wreath season (mid-December) - but I've always thought that beautiful decoration made from the gatherings of nature and the garden is something that could be done year round. Of course, it is true - there are already wreaths for Easter, St. Patricks day, Fourth of July and just about any holiday we can imagine. But I am not drawn to these typically color-coded cartoon creations.  Rather, I crave something less of the hallmark and instead using what is fresh and beautiful at that time. It is a seasonal challenge that I like to accept - to use what I find on walks in the woods in new and interesting ways. A few years ago, my friend Roanne shared ...
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