Book Quote Column 1

“A systematic and thorough style guide–bordering on encyclopedic–for gardens. Greayer’s book offers tips for creating a garden that reflects your personal style, suggests sources for everything from plants to outdoor furniture, and has many step-by-step DIY projects.”


“The big book of inspired ideas from popular columnist and blogger Rochelle Greayer guides readers through the process of transforming outdoor spaces–vast or tiny–into practical yet gorgeous reflections of your own style.”


“It’s not often that you get the time to read a book cover-to-cover, much less find a book you want to read cover-to-cover, and even less, find a resourceful gardening and design book that you want to read cover-to-cover. But I did just that with Cultivating Garden Style.”


“We’re big believers in taking the energy and personality of interior design and applying them to the garden. Putting lamps next to your lantanas. Installing furniture under your fruit trees. For this reason we absolutely love the new book Cultivating Garden Style by Rochelle Greayer.”