Florals + Cutting Garden

October plants for cutting in the garden

A Record of Good Garden Plants in October

How do you keep track of things in your garden? With the exception of the odd instagram post, I’m pretty much a failure at documenting ...
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an artsy craft - leaf stained glass

How to Collage Leaves into Attractive Decor

  My garden has temporarily faded into the rather boring doldrums of summer.  Spring came late and really dragged its feet, but its profusion of ...
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The language of flowers - saying what you really mean - with flowers (click through for more msgs)

The Language of Flowers: Combinations to Say What You Really Mean

Have you ever read The Language of Flowers?  It is a sweet novel that will appeal to anyone who has ideas about living a charming ...
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How to make a mandala wreath from your garden

How to Make a Mandala Wreath from Your Garden

As I write this, it is undoubtedly wreath season (mid-December) - but I've always thought that beautiful decoration made from the gatherings of nature and ...
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mini rosemary wreath garland DIY

DIY Mini Rosemary Wreath Garlands

Charming, simple, and smelling perfectly delicious - I thought you might love this idea as much as I do. The DIY tutorial for this mini ...
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A complete plan for a flower cutting garden with cheryl parker

A Cutting Flower Garden Plan

By CHERYL PARKER I’ve grown a cutting garden for three years. Every year I dream of sitting down on a cold wintry day by the ...
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