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New Inspiration from Nick Knight's Heavenly Roses

New Inspiration from Nick Knight’s Heavenly Roses

I'm always looking for new photography inspiration for plants and flowers. I don't know about you, but I sometimes find the ubiquitous and standard macro ...
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6 Instagram Still Life Photography Artists To Be Inspired By - John Ross - @patchnyc

6 Instagram Still Life Photography Artists To Be Inspired By

As the gardening season ends I am looking around for off-season projects to keep my fingers busy and my creative mind whirring. I am considering ...
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Light Box Flower Photography by Ngoc Minh No

Photographing Flowers on a Lightbox

This time of year there are lots of packages arriving by mail. When a package arrives, everyone is either trying to squirrel it away before being seen ...
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The 365 Day Photography Challenge of A Landscape Photographer

I've been trying to make new habits - exercise, diet change, social media consistency, writing consistency, and art making are all on my list of ...
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Luisa Brimble Flower shots via

Inspired By Luisa Brimble

I am nearly midway through a photography and styling class with Holly Becker of Decor8.  As we learn to create our own style, the first ...
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5 Cool Facts & 5 Cool Pics of Cacti

The things you find on flickr are sometimes just achingly I am really really really (as opposed to just really really) wanting to make over ...
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