Garden + Landscape Photography

The Patient Details of Dry Stone Stacking

Materials are really what you make of them and in an artist's or masters hands the most simple and mundane can become truly extraordinary.  I ...
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Creative Creativity Place – Giant Birdsnest Studio

I had to share these pictures of what I presume is part of the studio's of O*GE Interactive Gallery (who is responsible for the Jerusalem ...
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100abandonedhouses 100 abandoned houses kevin bauman detroit gardens homes

100 Abandoned Houses

I am finding inspiration is in an odd and rather depressing place. 100 Abandoned Houses is a beautiful but haunting photography project by Kevin Bauman. ...
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Midnite in the Zen Garden & Friends.

So I was cruising around this morning checking out what some of my favorite online friends and are doing, when I stumbled onto Ketzel Levines ...
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Brussels in Bloom Flower Carpet

Moments ago, one of my favorite clients just emailed me to see if we could create this.   I think she is joking -- but I ...
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Inspired by Manhattanhenge and Stonehenge.

Do you know a bit about the significance of Stonehenge? While there are lots of mysteries about the site, one of the most interesting things ...
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