The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas
Loving Gatsby Pink Oak Leaf Hydrangea
Jude Law, Helen of Troy, and Sneezeweed
Cercis ‘Merlot’ – Even If You Don’t Drink, You Will Want To Plant One
Mountain Mint
The Scent of Nostalgia: Prairie Dropseed
Gillenia trifoliata – My Vote For Garden MVP of 2014 (So Far)
The Perfect Ending
A Flurry of Snow in Fall
An Outstanding True-blue Native Plant
The Blues

The Blues

Letterman’s Ironweed
50 Natives: Wisconsin: Liatris Spicata – Prairie Gay Feather
50 Natives: North Dakota : Arctostaphylos uva -ursi – Kinnikinnik, Bearberry

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