Avant Garde

Raquel Rodrigo’s Urban Garden Cross-Stitching

I gave up cross stitching after some serious burnout from making a pillow for a sorority sister back in college. But with colorful cording and ...
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Trevor Dean Whatley landscape typography

Trevor Dean Whatley’s Cool Landscape Typography

I've got a backlog of open tabs (again) - all things I think are worth sharing with you - but that I haven't had time ...
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Modernist Delight: The Decordova Museum

Nestled in Lincoln, MA, one of Boston's quietest most rural-feeling (though not actually rural) suburbs, the Decordova museum and sculpture park brings contemporary outdoor art to New England. ...
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Garden Tour of La Colombe d'Or image by by Bernadette Marie via www.pithandvigor.com

Garden To Visit: La Colombe d’Or Hotel

It's Wednesday and I find it hard to believe that just four days ago I was in Provence, France. I wish I was still there. ...
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sambucus black lace by lozwilkes via flickr cc www.pithandvigor.com

The Strange Seduction of Black Plants – 4 Tips for Using Them In The Garden

  Sambucus 'Black Lace' (ornamental elderberry) by lozwilces via flickr CC 2.0.   Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple' (Purple Smokebush) by peganum by CC via flickr  Plants ...
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lidians Lylre by Linda Hoffman landscape art www.pithandvigor.com

A Harvest of Agriculture and Art

The hotels around here are all sold out, the apple orchard across the street has called an 'all-hands', every door is flanked by a big ...
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