Indian Islamic Morrocan and Persian

Daily Garden : Phillip Nixon’s Morrocan Inspired Home in Venice Beach, CA

I spotted Phillip Nixon's Garden in Apartment Therapy last week when they referred to it as an "Indiana Jones Oasis".  (oddly, IMO, because nothing about this ...
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Le Riad Jasmine pool marrakech morocco islamic pool garden

Garden Travel: Le Riad Jasmine – Marrakech, Morocco

I've got to scratch an itch - my travel itch.  Today Marrakech, Morocco is enticing today... tomorrow it might be Sweden - it doesn't matter ...
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How to build a better deck - tips on style and materials.

Learn From The Pros: Make a More Imaginative Deck with Reclaimed Materials and Stylish Elements

Decks do not have to be boring and the living space they create can and should be imbued with a sense of style that looks ...
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patterned pieces for outdoor living persian inspired via

Friday 5: Outdoor Patterns

Oh boy, I used to think I was the kind of person who handled change really well, but this week put my just-go-with-it mentality to ...
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the magic gamala pot

Indian Composters

I don't know about you but I find composting hard.  It is a statement that is frustrating given that I count myself among the hardcore, ...
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tennis court handrails at chanticleer garden via


In case you missed the other posts (here and here), each week I am writing about one of my favorite gardens for their use of ...
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