Knot Gardens

Celtic Garden Inspiration image by Michael Bianchi

St Patrick’s Day Celtic Garden Inspiration

As I wrote my book last year, I considered so many different styles of gardens to discuss.  There where quite a few that didn't make ...
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grass knot garden via

Inspiration: Not Gardens – Knot Garden by PEG

Karen M’Closkey and Keith Vandersys of Peg OLA have been making interesting projects with the use of parametric software and laser cut weed fabric.   Patterns ...
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loose knot gardens via

Inspired By: Knot Gardens – Loose Knots

Knot gardens in your average American garden always seem to me to a be bit of a trick.  In their most traditional style of implementation...they come across ...
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Daily Garden: Thomas Hoblyn’s St Olaves

I chose this garden from Thomas Hoblyn's portfolio today because it immediately struck me as a place that is interestingly designed and a true family ...
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ready hedge

Instant Hedging

I am writing about Ready Hedge because I have been looking for this product in my own corner of the world for years, to no ...
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