From Nightmare Lawn to Happy Meadow in 5 Easy Steps

Have you noticed that lawns are becoming increasingly controversial subjects? For generations, they have been the prize of middle class success. They are an outward ...
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Making a suburban meadow and sedum/ succulent lawn with

Sowing A Waterwise Suburban Meadow: A Plant Study

In the Autumn 2015 Issue of PITH + VIGOR we followed designer Claire Kettelkamp of Kettelkamp and Kettelkamp around a garden that she and her ...
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Making Meadow Pots

Since seeing this container planting over on Garden's Illustrated's website earlier this summer, I have been all sorts of obsessed with mini meadows in pots. ...
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Friday 5: Five Great Garden Grasses

I'm trying out a new feature.... I'm calling it the Friday 5.  The concept is simple -- it is five of anything, featured on friday. ...
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crested butte wildflower festival rochelle greayer

The Crested Butte Wildflower Festival

My vacation is wrapping up in a few days....but the part where I was traveling by pick-up truck and sleeping in a tent has officially ...
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Creating a Flowery Mead

These little flowers reached the peak of their bloom in the (dead) grass of my front lawn this morning. I have been lamenting the state ...
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