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Harlow Carr Clematis scrambling through container garden by jacki-dee via

16 unique ideas for how to grow a beautiful Clematis Vine

As you have probably noticed, I work with Proven Winners to test out their plants and then help you (through this website) learn more about ...
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Godshuis Gardens in Belgium

We've been in Belgium for two weeks now - filling our time slowly with the treasures of the region.  We are staying in Brugge, and ...
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Garden Gallery: Jinny Bloom’s Wild Order

If I weren't a garden designer myself, and I had decided to hire a designer to help me with my current garden, that person would ...
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Daily Garden: Ekaterina’s Irish Garden

Ekaterina Voronova is a Russian architect and designer who makes her home in Ireland.  This simple garden and its stacked wood feature (which I assume ...
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Can You Make This Into A Garden? – Modern Beachy

I had the interesting experience last night of meeting a reader of this blog who, up until our meeting, would have been a complete stranger ...
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