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everything you ever wanted (and didn't want) to know about moss

Everything You Ever Wanted (and didn’t want) to Know About Moss

I'm always up for being sent off on a research tangent.  Not knowing where it will end up, what I will learn and what will ...
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a shamrock (oxalis) rainbow

A Shamrock (Oxalis) Rainbow

I'm finding the ever- increasing variety of oxalis  (commonly called Shamrocks or Wood Sorrel) available to gardeners very inspiring. In the last decade (or so) ...
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Celtic Garden Belvedere from

Garden Gallery : Celtic Gardens

Writing a book requires reaching out to many people you might not otherwise have cause to contact. Interviews and image research require countless cold calls - ...
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Celtic Garden Inspiration image by Michael Bianchi

St Patrick’s Day Celtic Garden Inspiration

As I wrote my book last year, I considered so many different styles of gardens to discuss.  There where quite a few that didn't make ...
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Alchemy Garden Malvern Spring Show

Garden Gallery: Alchemy Gardens’ Staircase to Nowhere

Folly Builder. Can you think of a better business card title?  I wonder if anyone in the US has that title?   Folly's are much more ...
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Designing a Yoga Garden

For over 25 years, running has been a constant in my life but with the recent onset of knee pain, my orthopedist has advised I ...
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