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White house kitchen Garden Michelle Obama - Show me a movement -

Show Me A Movement – Michelle Obama’s Surprise Visit to My Garden

I am very excited to welcome a guest here today. Linda Bilsens is the Community Composting Manager at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and earlier this year, Michelle ...
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Amsterdam playhouse via

The Amsterdam Playhouse

Do you have a favorite city? The place you would choose to live if you could choose to live anywhere? Mine is Amsterdam. I love ...
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Backyard Biology - How to design a garden to be a Kid's science lab

Backyard Biology – How to Design A Garden To Be A Kid’s Science Lab

  As we strive to create a healthier, more sustainable future for the world it is crucial that we foster our children’s connection to nature. ...
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bluebird coloring sheet

Inspirations: Betsy the Bluebird

Nine days ago we got side tracked on the way down the driveway. An afternoon of errand running got waylaid by a small bird hopping ...
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Instant Garden Party: Boxman Studios

  I'm planning a heck of a party this summer and ground zero for the shindig will be my barn.  I'm lucky to have a ...
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how to build a stick fort

How to Build a Stick Fort

Toys that leave something to the imagination are hard to come by.   Even harder are those that actually aim to encourage your kids to ...
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