How to trim a perfect spiral topiary (with tape)

How to Trim a Perfect Spiral Topiary

Have you ever tried to trim a topiary?  If you are following existing lines, it ususally isn't too trickly but if you are aiming to ...
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regency garden inspiration off of ebay by

Garden Style Online

There are many, many online places where you can find interesting items to furnish your garden.  I have featured many of them here over the ...
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Regency Garden Style — Need a Little Help

Hey, I could use some help.  I'm deep into the process of writing my book and sourcing images to accompany my words.  I have had a trip to ...
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Daily Garden: Red Rooftop Garden

image by Sarah Dorio. What do you think of this garden? I have to say -- I kinda wouldn't want to hang out here.  I ...
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aluminum bamboo planter from inner gardens

Inspired By: A Beautiful Bamboo Plant Container

It is so rare that garden containers make me take the little gasp of air that implies my immediate recognition of something special. Inner Gardens ...
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