A round up of garden design ideas inspired by a merimekko summer dres

Garden Inspiration From a Fresh New Merimekko Dress

I am so happy to play around with design in a way that I haven’t in a long long time. Years ago, I had a ...
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A Fresh New Garden for Sarah’s Desert A-frame

As the winter darkness continues to creep in and the days get painfully short here in Boston, I crave the light of southern climates.  Sarah ...
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Retro green autumn planter for the fall garden. Featuring colues, hydranges and grasses. by rochelle greayer

Salvaging the Un-dead – Another Autumn Planter

Here's the thing about fall decorating - it's all going to end up in the compost pile pretty quickly -  in about six weeks. So, ...
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Remembering Neil Armstrong: Gardens 1969

When I was kid and adults pulled out the standard kid question ("What do you want to be when you grow up?"), I always gave them a ...
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modern shed garden plans via

Modern Shed Plans

About a month ago Kim asked (over on the Studio 'g' fb page) if I knew of any great shed plans.  I didn't then, but ...
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hairpin legs via

Hair Pin Legs

I'm back from the dentist -- lets hope that the antibiotics work (even though through some strange-backwards-dentist-logic, he says that if the antibiotics help, then ...
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