Water Gardens

Direvilla Kodiak Orange by Rochelle Greayer www.pithandvigor.com

Fall Favorites: 3 New Plants To Look For in 2017

It goes with the territory that get to try out lots of new plants.  Most are nice - but if they can't pass muster then ...
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garden makeover before after water garden www.pithandvigor.com

Before & After: A Remarkable Transformation for this Suburban Backyard

I dream of the day that my husband and I own a house in the woods, but that's pretty far off...so for now I'll just ...
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Garden Gallery: The Alchemist’s Garden

Should we take a little blogland trip to France?  Lets. Have a wander through the Alchemist's Garden which is in Provence and is featured on ...
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Water Mirror

Do you ever want to just feel like a princess?  When I have those princessy feelings I generally want people (kids) to simply stop talking ...
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Garden Gallery: Marella Agnelli’s Marrakech Garden

I admit I am a little fascinated by past generations of beautiful socialites (I find these slightly historical characters far more salacious and interesting than ...
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signe persson melin design inspiration by www.pithandvigor.com

Inspired by: Signe Persson Melin

Let me introduce you to Signe Persson-Melin, a Scandinavian ceramics designer whose creations I think will inspire you.   When I happened across her work I was ...
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