A visit to the Garden in the Woods - columbine

A Visit to The Garden In the woods

Dear Friends, Would you like to take a tour of the New England Wild Flower Society’s Garden In The Woods with me? I visited last ...
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La Fomentera Garden of Juan Montoya - A stunning woodland reguge in the Hudson valley of New York.

Steal a Look at Juan Montoya’s Stunning Stone Garden

La Formentera is the woodland refuge of interior designer Juan Montoya. Located about an hour north of New York City in the Hudson River valley, ...
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everything you ever wanted (and didn't want) to know about moss

Everything You Ever Wanted (and didn’t want) to Know About Moss

I'm always up for being sent off on a research tangent.  Not knowing where it will end up, what I will learn and what will ...
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Designing a Yoga Garden

For over 25 years, running has been a constant in my life but with the recent onset of knee pain, my orthopedist has advised I ...
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Woodland perennial and Mushroom garden plans

How to Grow Mushrooms & Design a Forest Garden

After ten years of staring down a large pile of hardwood logs left for me after the installation of a new home septic system, I’ve ...
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mushroom by xfrog.inc

Magical Mushrooms

Wow, mushrooms are magical -- and not in the 'make the walls start undulating' way....but really magical....like in the save the world sort of way.  ...
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