Australia + New Zealand

Garden Gallery: Contemporary Pool with a Soul

I think it can be be hard to imagine a garden or an outdoor living area that is completely devoid of grass. But I find ...
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Inspiration from Lambley Nursery

  I discovered a fantastic new site for dry garden inspiration.  That Lambley Nursery and gardens in Victoria, Australia is on the other side of ...
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Secret Gardens os Sydney BBQ herb pool garden

Daily Garden : The BBQ Herb Garden

Today's daily garden was designed by Secret Gardens of Sydney,  Australia.  This garden is just beautiful and truly a showpiece for keeping it simple and making the ...
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Rick Ekersley Garden

Garden Gallery: Rick Eckersley’s Living Out

"Oh, Oh, Oh!!! Blog this as fast as you can" --- that is generally the frantic thought that starts racing through my head when I ...
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Planting Design inspired by megaherbs in New Zealand

Breathtaking Plant Partners: Inspiration from Megaherbs in New Zealand

"This clump is about a metre across, the flower heads of this Pleurophyllum are spikes of blackish 'button' type daisy flowers."  I am so taken ...
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Cloudland, Brisbane Australia: A Modern Green Nightclub Garden

Green buildings and eco-conscious design is increasingly taking center stage in the design world. I find that many green designs take a less is more ...
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