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Save the Bees! - A Bit of Bee Humor from a very funny Beekeeper (illustration by Abbey Lossing)

Save the Bees! Bee Humor From a First-Time Beekeeper

"Bees?" "Bees." "...BEES?" "Yes, bees." "You seriously want to get bees?" asks Chris, standing in our kitchen staring at me as if I’d just declared ...
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outer covering of yellow jacket nest

The Stump

  A Studied Dismantling of a Yellow Jacket Nest Photography & Story: LINDA PARK Expert Notes: NOAH WILSON-RICH PH.D The stump was a “decorator garden item” ...
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renting goats - ruminant goat clearing services have grown

Rent A Ruminant – Landclearing Goats for Hire – The Green Alternative

Renting goats for land clearing is a wonderful idea (if you ask me).  It is all at once pastoral, economical, and green.  Neighbors love to ...
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Urbana illinois bat house project

How To Make Rocket Box Bat Houses

So everyone knows that we need to save the bees.  And pollinators too.  But what are all the pollinators? Well, the list is long and ...
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The Art Of The Bee Hive

I miss the beehives that sat at the edge of the our garden for many seasons.  They weren't particularly special as hives go - not ...
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Ticks! Urgent New Information about Lyme and other tick borne disease

Urgent New Information on Dreadful Ticks

I'm easily two months late in announcing it is tick season, but I thought I'd mention it as I have a few things to share from ...
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