Before + After Garden Makeovers

Chicken Coop garden makeover window box

My Chicken Coop Garden Makeover + A Clever Edger How-to

I'm still marveling at my super woman powers.  Last weekend I took on an epic challenge - I had three graduation parties to attend, single ...
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A Fresh New Garden for Sarah’s Desert A-frame

As the winter darkness continues to creep in and the days get painfully short here in Boston, I crave the light of southern climates.  Sarah ...
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clematis vine. Growing a wide variety of plants in the a french town garden makeover

Before + After: A French City Garden and a Plant Collector’s Exotic Gateway

François Simonaire has been working as a gardener for more than 25 years, but it was just seven years ago that he turned his skills to ...
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OsterGRO urban rooftop farm in Denmark

Daily Garden: OsterGRO – An Urban Rooftop Farm in Denmark

The simple fact that such a bounty can come from a pile of dirt on top a building inspires me to no end. Gardening is ...
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by flora.forager via

I’m Moving! (not far)

What a week! The beginning of the year always feel like the first week coming back from vacation (a little tortured) but has been ...
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Before & After: A New Front Yard in Seattle

Hey everyone! I hope you guys were able to finish up all your fall gardening this year! I wanted to plant some bulbs this fall ...
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