Bogolan Inspired Planting Recipe for A Houseplant Garden
An Emotional Container Garden Origin Story (Recipe Included)
Container Gardening Recipe: Wild Indian Summer
HELP WANTED! – Perfect Planters
Make A Countertop Kitchen Bonsai Herb Garden
Working White into the Autumn Garden
Salvaging the Un-dead – Another Autumn Planter
Autumn Container Garden: Feathery Fall Fireworks
Fall Container Planting Recipe:  Autumnal Marsala
Container Garden Design: Scented Plants
Growing Turmeric, Ginger, Rosemary & Sage Indoors
The Nearly Done Office (with the help of a Modernica planter)
A Shamrock (Oxalis) Rainbow
Seasonal Container Garden: Whipping Up Some Holiday Containers
Wanted: Antique Forcing Pots
How to: A Container Garden Planting Featuring Verdant Texture
The Holiday Madness Begins
Mini Halloween Gardens
Friday 5: Pale Green Garden Things That Caught My Eye
Friday Five: Black & White Garden Goodies
What is Your ‘Little Black Dress’ of the Garden?
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