Container Gardens

Spring container planter tuplis and forsythia rochelle greayer

Four Pro Tips for Tszujing Your Spring Tulip Planters

I love changing out my containers for the seasons.  After many years of doing this sort of thing for clients on a large-scale, it is ...
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Shelved garden trend

Trend: Shelved Gardens

A couple of months back I was chatting with a new garden friend when she openly wondered what the next big garden trend will be.  I have ...
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Arik Levy Design

You know those funky little v-vase shaped wooden trellis' that come shoved in grow pots with climbers?  They do the job long enough to get ...
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New Products – Green Bricks, A Modern BBQ & Pretty Pots

I have a quick little round up of some exciting products that crossed my desk recently Green Bricks -- An easy (*looking*- I have not ...
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Kochia plants via

Kochia scoparia for Container Gardens?

After coming across this image on Pinterest with the note "Kochia, the summer pot plant in India" -- I had questions. First -- what is ...
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DIY: Easy Fabric Garden Planters

I love coming across ideas that inspire new ideas.   These urban garden plant modules made simply from hoses, fiber-cloth and fertilized soil - and hooked up ...
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