Container Gardens

city square fall inatsll container garden worcester ma

Last Week’s Fall Plantings in Worcester, MA

Last week my team and I planted up downtown Worcester.  We put in about 900 seasonal plants throughout the property all in one day (Whew).  ...
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A Couple of Cool Vertical Garden Prototypes: Available Soon

It is a huge trend in gardening. For generations, plants were placed in soil on the ground or in a pot. Period. But now, gardening ...
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BACSACS for Flowers Everywhere!!

I am completely charmed by these industrial, construction-y, feeling BACSAC plant containers from France.  I think they make things seem so temporary and able to ...
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Industrial Wasteland Garden – Neal’s Yard, London

Near London's Covent garden, tucked away in side streets is Neal's Yard....home to this charming garden. Using recycled industrial waste, 55-gallon drums that have been ...
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Revel in the Beauty of Ravel

Francophile tendencies are not beyond me.   I want a house in France (someday) and if I had three wishes, my first would be used to ...
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DIY Cute Paint Pot Planters & Tiki Torches

Update: Design Sponge just posted another awesome DIY reuse post for the garden....Wine bottle Tiki torches...Grace and her team are really blowing me away today.  ...
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