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how to grow huge hydrangeas

How To Grow Humongous White Hydrangea

My obsession with humongous white hydrangea blooms started many years ago. I was hooked when a vendor at my local farmers market showed up with ...
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Container Gardening Recipe: Wild Indian Summer

I was inspired to create this container garden by the late season and the rich colors of fall. But the warmth of summer is still ...
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How To Grow Giant Pumpkins

As a recovering software engineer, I sometimes find myself missing the geek culture that can make a cubicle-land work environment slightly tolerable. So when Mike ...
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Treehouse garden folly in winter by rochelle greayer

The Treehouse

There are plenty of posts here about treehouses, but I recently realized that have I neglected to share much about our own treehouse project. Maybe ...
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clematis vine. Growing a wide variety of plants in the a french town garden makeover

Before + After: A French City Garden and a Plant Collector’s Exotic Gateway

François Simonaire has been working as a gardener for more than 25 years, but it was just seven years ago that he turned his skills to ...
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container garden collage by rochelle greayer

HELP WANTED! – Perfect Planters

Story By ELIZABETH DUNN Obviously, I would not be capable of assembling the planters myself. For starters, the terrace where they would live was five ...
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