Florals + Cutting Garden

The language of flowers - saying what you really mean - with flowers (click through for more msgs)

The Language of Flowers: Combinations to Say What You Really Mean

Have you ever read The Language of Flowers?  It is a sweet novel that will appeal to anyone who has ideas about living a charming ...
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How to make a mandala wreath from your garden

How to Make a Mandala Wreath from Your Garden

As I write this, it is undoubtedly wreath season (mid-December) - but I've always thought that beautiful decoration made from the gatherings of nature and ...
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A complete plan for a flower cutting garden with cheryl parker

A Cutting Flower Garden Plan

By CHERYL PARKER I’ve grown a cutting garden for three years. Every year I dream of sitting down on a cold wintry day by the ...
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Floral arrangement by Kathleen Mccoy - Our Status Was Provisional - Making it in the Garden Club

Our Status Was Provisional

Photos and Story By Kathleen McCoy I learned flower arranging from the last in the line of garden club royalty. She was in her late ...
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Spring Cleaning 5 garden chores you can do in 15 minutes.

Spring Cleaning: 5 Garden Chores You Can Do In 15 Minutes

I have a big garden so I am frequently overwhelmed by it. But I reminded myself recently just how much can be done in tiny ...
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12 Garden Inspired Holiday Wreaths That You Can Make

Wreaths are such ubiquitous holiday decorations, I find that most years I want to rebel against the traditional cliché of it all and just hang ...
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