Florals + Cutting Garden

How to grow sustainable modern roses (easy-care) by Pat Leuctman with Peter Kukielski

Modern Sustainable Roses

In 2008 the state of New York imposed new regulations on all government-owned properties - no longer would pesticide usage be allowed.  Peter Kukielski, the rosarian-curator ...
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Cutting garden shrubs

6 New Shrubs for the Cutting Garden

I'm finally starting to believe that eventually these piles of snow will recede - we have a long way to go here in New England, but ...
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Snippets: Flora at Tower Hill (And I’ll be Speaking)

Do you have plans this weekend? Why not take a hike outside and gather the makings of beautiful floral arrangement? If you were able to ...
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Cat’s Whiskers

During 2015 at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, we are preparing to focus our educational programming around the theme of Myth, Magic, and Medicine of Plants. ...
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Seasonal Container Garden: Whipping Up Some Holiday Containers

After so many years of installing countless commercial and residential holiday containers, I could do it in my sleep. Seriously, winter containers have to be ...
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The Bittersweet Dilemma – Solved!

After years of yanking the pervasive (and invasive) red roots of bittersweet from my garden beds, I am highly paranoid about the re-introduction of this ...
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