Fall bulbs 3 exciting plant pairings - Aster oblongifolus + Sternbergia lutea + Amsonia hubrechtii

Fall Blooming Bulbs – 3 Ideas for Exciting Autumn Plant Pairings

Like me, you are probably feeling a bit depressed at the thought of your garden’s painstakingly planted scenes deteriorating over the next months. Yes, of course you can plant some spring-blooming bulbs, but you ...
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David Milarch - The man who planted trees

The Disruptors: David Milarch

Meet David Milarch David Milarch is a fourth generation German shade tree farmer who lives in Michigan with two subsequent generations (his two sons and ...
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A complete plan for a flower cutting garden with cheryl parker

A Cutting Flower Garden Plan

By CHERYL PARKER I’ve grown a cutting garden for three years. Every year I dream of sitting down on a cold wintry day by the ...
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Beautiful Berries - 7 Shrubs for flower arranging Viburnum Brandywine

The Beautiful Berry – 9 Types of Berries For Fall & Winter Florals

Right, lets talk about types of berries. Not the kind you eat, but the kind that provide tiny little detail to the garden, that feed ...
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how to grow huge hydrangeas

How To Grow Humongous White Hydrangea

My obsession with humongous white hydrangea blooms started many years ago. I was hooked when a vendor at my local farmers market showed up with ...
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How To Grow Giant Pumpkins

As a recovering software engineer, I sometimes find myself missing the geek culture that can make a cubicle-land work environment slightly tolerable. So when Mike ...
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