How to Plant a Tree So That it Doesn't Die

How to Plant a Tree So That it Doesn’t Die

Whose fitbit steps have multiplied in these last few weeks?  I absolutely love watching the fitness numbers tick up as I bustle around the garden, ...
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Great alternatives for beloved plants that are just too big

They Are Too Big! 4 Great Alternatives for Beloved Plants that Don’t Fit

How on earth did that small arborvitae I planted in front of the house get so huge? It happens all the time. Either a previous ...
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How to use Frost in Garden Design

How to Plan for Beautiful Frost in Your Garden Design

Have you ever heard that bit about there being lots of Eskimo words for snow?  Where Eskimos, because they deal with snow so much, supposedly have ...
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Stop Allergies! How to Plant Pretty Protective Hedges

If you have allergy offending trees or shrubs in your neighborhood (probably because of a very common case of botanical sexism), one of the best ...
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David Milarch - The man who planted trees

The Disruptors: David Milarch

Meet David Milarch David Milarch is a fourth generation German shade tree farmer who lives in Michigan with two subsequent generations (his two sons and ...
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How to Make a Living Willow Arbor

Words and Photography By: ANN AMATO-ZORICH Guests are usually surprised when I tell them that our willow arbor only cost $35. Back in 2005, I ...
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