winter garden light

A Beautiful Winter With An Artistic Garden Light

Do you feel the grip of winter loosing its hold?  I live in New England so I am not going to let myself start thinking ...
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Cozy Lights for the New Patio

It feels so good to have the pergola mostly finished (we still have to stain it but we've relented...that just isn't going to happen until ...
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patterned pieces for outdoor living persian inspired via

Friday 5: Outdoor Patterns

Oh boy, I used to think I was the kind of person who handled change really well, but this week put my just-go-with-it mentality to ...
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I am not sure why it rarely occurs to me that I can ask you all questions too when I need some help....but it just ...
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DIY : Craighton Berman’s Coil Lamp

Ok --I admit this maybe stretching the definition of DIY  -- but for those of you who perhaps need a bit of help when it ...
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Minali Singh’s Lotus Lamps & Rocket Planters

As I have sort of begun to organize the chicken coop/ potting shed I am - with every item that gets discarded - wanting to ...
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