Trends + Inspirations

Inhospitable Hospitality

I am intrigued by the desire to build vacation places where conditions are considered unmelcoming. Is this, by necessity, the wave of the future? Have ...
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Rustic Thanksgiving Garden inspiration

Inspiration Board: Thanksgiving Garden

My Favorite holiday would only be better if I could eat it outside in a beautiful and cozy setting. I think it wouldn't be too ...
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Trends: Landscape Skulls?

It's all over fashion...even my little people (ages 3 and 6) have clothing items with skulls, so it has to trickle over to the garden ...
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Inspired by a corpse bride - garden design inspiration

Inspiration Board: Corpse Bride’s Wedding Garden

I don’t have a Gothic bone in my body (at least I don’t think so), but I think that good designers should be able to ...
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zipper pond

Keep it zipped….

An emerging trend? I discovered both of these within days of each other. This sculpture is by modern artist Mark Hall and available through the ...
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blue color scheme for a landscape

Landscape Color Themes

There are too many choices in the plant world, and it is so easy to loose focus which is why limiting your color theme always ...
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