Lowes 2013

by flora.forager via www.pithandvigor.com

I’m Moving! (not far)

What a week! The beginning of the year always feel like the first week coming back from vacation (a little tortured) but whew....it has been ...
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Seasonal Container Garden: Whipping Up Some Holiday Containers

After so many years of installing countless commercial and residential holiday containers, I could do it in my sleep. Seriously, winter containers have to be ...
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Forcing Bulbs for the Winter

I am afraid I am probably a little behind for having beautiful blooming bulbs for the holidays -- so I picked up a few waxz ...
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Cozy Lights for the New Patio

It feels so good to have the pergola mostly finished (we still have to stain it but we've relented...that just isn't going to happen until ...
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The New Pergola (Almost done)

I had a goal last weekend....I wanted to finish our new pergola in time to  have a BBQ and sit underneath it on the patio ...
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Fixing the Patio Path

When I built the cobblestone path that would guide you to the (now finished) cobblestone patio, I had a certian thing in mind.  The cobblestones ...
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