Emily Mitchell contributor to PITH + VIGOR www.pithandvigor.com

While Emily spends most of her time as a journalism student at Northeastern University, she hosts several other identities.

  • Believer that the peony is the quintessentially perfect flower.
  • Proud owner of a miniature barrel cactus named Carlitos.
  • Self-proclaimed foodie and Boston restaurant connoisseur.
  • Avid fan of all Mexican food.
  • Lover of beautiful writing, beautiful clothes, and beautiful cities.
  • Has read The Great Gatsby annually since 2012, once in Spanish.
  • Retired study abroad student, now claiming London as her second hometown.  Amateur traveler of Europe, subsequently.
  • Currently designing her fictional Manhattan apartment, to be actualized upon winning the lottery.
  • Part time shop girl at LOFT, part-time marketing intern at Image Stream Medical.
  • Aspiring magazine editor.
  • Never gets tired of the simple euphoria from seeing her name in print.
  • Published in The Huffington Post, The Harvard Press, Woof Magazine, and now Pith + Vigor.

Believer of the alternative Golden Rule—practice makes perfect— and that you can never learn too much from others. Therefore, often seen consuming Vogue and the New Yorker, writing, writing, writing, away, and ceaselessly consuming cappuccinos.

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