Kath LaLiberte for PITH + VIGOR www..pithandvigor.comKathleen LaLiberte moved to Vermont in the 1970s with the dream of having a garden where she could grow her own food and flowers. She has been living that dream for more than 30 years on a beautiful piece of land in Richmond, VT.

From the start, Kath’s professional career has been intertwined with her passion for gardening. After earning a degree in environmental education, she worked for Garden Way and then helped to found Gardener’s Supply, where she was responsible for developing the company’s mission and brand identity, marketing strategy and creative presentation. From 1983-2010 she oversaw design, copywriting, production, content development and public relations, as well as the creation of two interactive web tools.

Kath now works from home as a freelance content strategist and horticultural writer. Her primary client is the flower bulb company longfield-gardens.com. She tends an acre of vegetables, small fruits, annuals and perennials, bulbs, wildflowers, shrubs and trees. For samples of her work, see: johnniebrookcreative.com

Kath’s Stories:

The Strange Seduction of Black Plants

Using Black Plants – & Daring Parings of Light and Dark.

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