DIY outdoor kitchen

I have to admit, when I first saw this I thought I was looking at a kids play kitchen.  But no, this is a quite serious and highly functional outdoor kitchen for real adults who really want to be able to cook outside.

The garden kitchen has a gas cooking stove, a bucket sink, a chopping board and storage for crockery, utensils and a few food ingredients. What more do you need? And it’s totally portable — so you can cook in your rose garden, right in the middle of your veg patch….or wherever the hose will take you.

From the Designer, Studiomama:

“Water is connected from the garden hose and waste water is collected in a watering can placed beneath the sink, so grey water can be reused. The product instructions give different options for construction depending on level of skill and access to tools. However you need to be confident in the workshop to embark on the making of this, alternatively you could get a skilled carpenter to make it for you. All the components are sourced from hardware stores. The boxes are constructed from one sheet of ply and the structure with broomsticks and some screws. Surface treatment can be made tailored to suit personal preference and taste, the version shown is treated with Osmo oil.”

You can get a copy of the Free instructions here.

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