I have the intention to put some seeds in the ground this week (perhaps today, if it stops raining).  Peas, radishes, (maybe) carrots, and spinach.   I can’t wait to cook straight out the garden.  I am even considering some level of a personal challenge this veg season.  I want to try and eat only from my garden — I know this will be difficult, but perhaps a journey worth taking, just to enlighten myself of the challenges.  My biggest hesitation is my love of cheese, some meats, and dairy products in general, so I may have to allow those in (but perhaps from only local sources…we will see).

spring pea and ricotta dip from fresh 365

Fresh 365 is my go to source for the best vegetable recipes.  Once those peas are ready for picking, I am making this dip (I am already craving it).  It’s an indulgent mix of fresh peas, edamame, mint, ricotta, feta and olive oil. (oh, and who can forget, garlic)

See Erin’s full recipe here.

What’s about to be in season where you live? and what will you make with it?

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