The morning after feels kinda good.  Yesterday afternoon was a hell of a whirlwind with the Leaf launch. Thankfully, today, my heartbeat has returned to its normal rhythm.   I thought I would spend the rest of the week working back into my regular studio ‘g’ blogging schedule by sharing a few of my favorite things about Leaf and the adventure of making the first issue.

Did you see the video?  It’s about making a cocktail called a Grilled White Peach Rumble.  The recipe was provided by Warren Bobrow and a friend (Jonathan Williams) and I made the whole thing in my garden – with a short aside in the orchard across the street for the peach picking shot.

I love the music — which was one of the hardest things about the whole thing — finding the right thing, then making the right thing work.  I actually wanted the first minute of this clip to be the music but we struggled with the length of the piece and other issues and ultimately ended up with the mix that we have now.  Chicha music though is certainly a new favorite in my repertoire – perfect party vibe.

And I am looking forward to making my own rhubarb liqueur next summer.  I haven’t tried it before, but with 2 plants officially growing (and starting to thrive) in my garden, I hope that this spring will provide enough stalks for at least one good crisp and a couple bottles.

Not sure what the next video adventure will be, but I am looking forward to getting better with the medium and refining our look and technique.  Have you worked with video?  We could use lots of tips!

Image by Mike McCune

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