Can You Make This Into a Garden?  I love this feature and I love this sketch, but this one has been a bit difficult and honestly I really don’t want to call it done.  It seems there is so much more that could be added…I am hoping you might have some more ideas.  I mean really this girl looks like slightly complicated fun and the garden she inspires from me is dramatic and theatrical.  This might well be my favorite illustration so far, which is perhaps why I am having trouble coming up with the garden for her?

theatrical opera fashion illustration by Can't not Know

Fashion Illustration by Can’t not Know

This is what I have so far…

paco rabbone tige striped modern fireplace theatrical garden by bordelet

Can you believe this fireplace?  I am not sure how it will fare being outside, but I suspect it would be fine in a covered porch.  Available from Bordelet .

She is a totally dramatic princess and the flowers around her should be be likewise.
Tibouchina urvilleana theatrical princess flower purple
1. Brazilian glory bush / Tibouchina urvilleana / 紫紺野牡丹(シコンノボタン), 2. Princess Flower, 3. Tibouchina urvilleana

A little on the dangerous side, but totally worth it, (I wish I could find a local nursery to sell me some).  Her garden would house other dramatic beauties like Castor Bean and Abutilon
Ricinus dramatic plants container ricinin castor bean plant
1. Ricinus, 2. castor bean

Abutilon megapotamicum
Abutilon megapotamicum image by FanciThat

And this is where I begin to struggle.  I feel like she might smoke…and need a cool outdoor ash tray.   Should her furniture be sleek and modern or perhaps more boho vintage?  And containers seem like they should be large and aged terracotta, but does that really go?  What do you think?  What does she inspire in your mind?  I would love to hear your ideas and continue to evolve this mood board.  Comment with your thoughts and I will evolve and re-post.

I love the idea of collaboratively designing by blogging… looking forward to hearing from you…

6 Responses to Inspired by A Theatrical Fashionista – The garden moodboard

  1. i love what you have so far. that fireplace is a hoot. i think you need some really seductive, heavily scented flowers that grow out of giant purple ceramic pots and sort of trail down without boundaries. then again, i know next to nothing about gardens and flowers. what a fun series!

  2. Even more orange and yellow plus glass, water, and mirrors — and don’t forget the lighting!

  3. So many possiblilities… good gold and purple border from Plan Eden
    (Co Wicklow)
    and another that has good ideas for water feature and these great lavendar concrete form beds and teal pergola- understated?-Nah
    What about some Dahlias- deep Maroon
    to go with the purply stuff. (Dont forget the verbena bonariensis for verticals) hmmm…what else?

  4. PS She DOESNOT smoke.. honest! Thats her lovers apartment key she is fingering in her coat pocket. But she definitely has a slick entertainment center …

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