If you will excuse me, I have to go plant about 5000 annuals in downtown Worcester today and tomorrow….this is one of my big things for my little business.   I will subsequently be light on posts for the next 48 hours.

I am loving the ideas that you have sent for ‘Can you make this into a garden’, but haven’t had the chance to get them all worked up into pictures….but here is what I have added so far.
purple quadik planter garden
Purple Planters….yes I agree that would be a nice addition and I am drawn to these nicely shaped ones from Planters Paradise. The lovely overlay picture is from Landjbannerman taken at the Sarah Raven Cutting Garden Course at Hanham court — seems she knows that purple is a great color for garden planters already.

I had meant to ad Brugmansia and Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurellii’ to my original suggestion but over looked them….and because I agree, this needs more yellow and orange, here are a couple great shots of these beauties.
 Ensete ventricosum 'Maurellii' and brugmansia angel trumpet
1. Brugmansia, 2. Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurellii’ (Musaceae), 3. BRUGMANSIA versicolor

I am working on the mirrors and the furniture…I can’t wait to see it all together.
Off to plant a lot of plants now…

5 Responses to Garden Moodboard Update for A Theatrical Fashionista

  1. LOVE the jewel toned pots!!! I admit that when I first read that comment on the other post, I think that I would like purple pots. But the combo of the more modern shape and the shades you found are great.

  2. Hi-
    We will be in the courtyard (by the foot hills theater today – though mostly mulching there) and over on front street – in front of cvs. The pansy’s are actually coming out and the summer stuff going in.
    Yesterday we were over on foster street by the DCU center. hope to see you…I think I will be wearing my black baseball cap again today unless the weather improves.

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