Night before last I took my kids to the Big Apple Circus.  I was inspired by the PBS documentary series (Circus) that we recently discovered with our awesome Netflix subscription (we are rapidly moving towards going completely cable free).  But the circus (which was fantastic and an all around family hit — truly, far better than I ever remember Circus Vargus or Ringling Bros from when I was kid) in turn inspired me to think about a circus themed garden.  This is what I came up with ….would you add anything?

circus inspired garden design

elephant head, Hay bale furnitureround-bulb string lights, glossy red containers, hoop swings (also there is a trapeze swing available), arrow sign light fixtureZak Designs Turquoise Recycled-Melamine Plate, ikea mesh tent

circus inspired garden design

Circus peony collection from Wayside Gardens, Orange Canna Lily image by Maegan Bratton found on Doug Greens Garden, artichoke plant, sago palm, circus stripe outdoor fabric, printable pennant from inviting printables on etsy, glossy red containers.

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