garden design cartoon

Joseph over at Greensparrow Gardens has a keen eye for the quirks of gardeners and designers (which he incorporates into his cartoons).  Happily (or embarrassingly) I can relate to far too many of his weekly doodles.  I am so pleased that he took me up on my offer to guest here, and create a unique cartoon for us.   Does your garden look like the former or the later?….mine is the later for sure — I wish it were the former, but suspect that may never happen unless I give up my clients. How to get over this, I simply don’t know….

6 Responses to Joseph’s Funnies

  1. Mine looks like the first for less than a week and then like the latter the rest of the month
    which is very embarrassing since is just a little balcony garden.

  2. Love the cartoon. It’s easy to not care about your own garden, when you are getting paid to care about someone else’s.

  3. Too funny! I have no clients either, but my garden is the latter – except for the bare spots. I’ve crammed it pretty tight with plants I’m trying out, and the plant volunteers which I can never bear to pull up until I find them a good home, too.

  4. Oh my, this is sooo true! I’m much too busy creating for others and reading blogs to finish tidying up and designing my own garden! Maybe I need to hire one of you 🙂

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