People who plant at fenway vicotry gardens
“I am a former physician and I never used my hands on the ground. And I come here and I look around and thought, I am going to be really smart. I will find out the garden under the big tree, and whatever they will say to me, I will say “sorry, it’s a root system, we can’t destroy [it],” and I will just grow a table and two chairs. I was so happy with this, it was like a second outdoor room for me. I would read there and I would eat lunch there but people thought I didn’t have any money [forplants]. They started to stop by and say ‘would you like some flowers?’ ‘Would you like this…it is green?’… and I felt embarrassed. They would say take it and so I would put it here and I would put it there. And things were growing and so I developed a taste for gardening. The people pushed me.”

– Olga

image by Kelly Fitzsimmons

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