I am quite excited to play around with, and really dig in to a new website called Your Garden Show.  This site is poised to be the face book answer for gardeners. It allows you to upload images and videos of your garden to share with gardening friends.  Launched this month, it already has quite a few gardens that you can peruse for inspiration and ideas or to meet new garden friends.

I am looking forward to continuing to build out my own profile and share my garden projects.  I am wondering if this could help me communicate with my clients….perhaps sharing thoughts about their gardens as they progress, grow and mature….not sure, but looking forward to giving it a try.

3 Responses to Your Garden Show

  1. i’ve been using http://myfolia.com/ since the beginning of the season. it’s just starting to ramp up with the social side of things. i’m pretty happy with it so far! will be interesting to compare the 2.

  2. Hay, I have just read your website from last few days. Is there any chance of doing anything in garden makeover? We are renovating a house and have a large garden which is completely overgrown with brambles would love a makeover! Please help.

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