Deborah Silver of Detroit Garden Works recently sent me a whole collection of beautiful winter containers that she and her company  have put together for their clients.  I plan to save many of them as they will be perfect inspiration to share come next Christmas, but I wanted to show you some of those that you could put together, even now, that can satisfy for a couple more months.

Detroit Garden Works Winter Containers

Detroit Garden Works Winter Containers

Detroit Garden Works Containers

Willow branches and forsythia are starting to show up at the floral sections near me….as much as it is a welcome site from what has been a particularly painful winter here in N.E., it feels a bit early…don’t you think?…really – it’s not even February yet. ¬† Well, at least it gives us a chance to change up any holiday containers to something a little more springy even if it is not likely that it will be uncovered by snow and ice anytime soon…(at least in my corner of the world).

I put this together to help get into the mood.
Willow and Forsythia
1. Forsythia, 2. Forsythia ‘Meadowlark’, 3. Forsythia Between Showers, 4. Forsythia, 5. forsythia!, 6. Forsythia Buds, 7. a little snow on the forsythia, 8. Pussy Willow, 9. There are willow pussies Clad in furry goods,, 10. Catkins from a willow., 11. PUSSY WILLOW, 12. siskin in spring plumage…….with matching pussy willow

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