before and after garden makeover laughlin design

From boring and bland to chic and sleek — it is almost hard to believe this is the same house.  The silver blue and sage green textural planting is sharp against the natural wood siding.  It would have been so easy to keep the ornamental trees and go for an update, but the complete re-think of this space is very imaginative and I think very successful.  Designed by Laughlin Design in Salt Lake City, Utah.

before and after garden makeover laughlin design

4 Responses to Before & After: Laughlin Design’s Front Garden

  1. I love multiple planting of single species. It is just so effective and really is a case of less is more. The grasses add a nice archtiectural context to the modern lines of the house and the raised bed enchances that structured feel. Good find.

  2. Gorgeous! The textural quality, high-impact, and low maintenance of this garden are spot on!

    The grasses offer many-season interest, also. In the upper Midwest, I leave them all winter for great texture.

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